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With me she will play tug of war for an hour at a time.

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The Golden Retriever is known for being a friendly, happy go lucky dog breed.

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By the time the girl met us at the door we were all in tears. More…

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Each of our dogs is a member of our family and loved as such. More…

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Some people with mild allergies react less severely to particular dogs, but no reputable breeder will guarantee that her dogs are hypoallergenic. A Goldendoodle’s temperament depends on several things including the temperaments of his parents especially the mother, the amount of socialization he receives, and the genes he inherits. In general, though, Goldendoodles are friendly dogs who are devoted to their families. A well bred Goldendoodle shouldn't be shy or aggressive to people or other animals. They are inclined to be careful around infants or toddlers and can be great playmates for older children. Say no thanks if a puppy or its parents won’t let you approach them, shy away, or growl.

There is no cure, but there is testing available so that prospective parents know whether or not they have a high chance of having offspring with the disease.

A golden doodle is a mix between a golden retriever and a poodle.

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