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As I mentioned before goldendoodles are healthier then most purebred dogs but breeders should still be performing all the testing on the parents.

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Mini Goldendoodle dogs are friendly, highly social, and love to play.

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He loves absolutely everyone and everything and just can't understand why the bunnies and squirrels won't play with him. More…

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In the worst puppy mills, horrifying conditions are the norm. More…

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COAT Labradoodle coats are generally divided into 3 categories: Hair, Fleece and Wool. These 3 categories are also broken down further into subcategories. See below for a complete guide. HAIR COAT or Hair which can be curly, straight or wavy, but is more similar in texture to a Labrador's coat. Texture is denser than that of the Fleece with a similar texture to that of Lambs Wool. Appearing to contain a sheep lanolin in texture. The ideal wool coat should hang in loose hollow spirals. It is acceptable to exhibit a spring appearance rather than spiral but a sprung wool coat is undesirable. An overly thick or dense coat is also undesirable. There should be no body odor or shedding in the Fleece and Wool coat. Has the highest rate of success of the three coat types for being allergy and asthma friendly.

In the worst puppy mills, horrifying conditions are the norm.

BODY Height to wither as to length from sternum to point of buttock should appear square and compact.

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