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Texture is denser than that of the Fleece with a similar texture to that of Lambs Wool.

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They are sporting, hunting, flushing and water loving animals that are smart, loyal and easily trained and enjoy exercise, attention, socialization and family interaction.

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While blow drying, use a slicker brush to brush the coat. More…

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Generally, the lower generations are better for allergy sufferers. More…

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Thus, it is important to train your goldendoodle from an early age, and teach commands, such as a good recall, so that it can burn of energy running off leash but return to you on command. Mini Goldendoodle is such a loving and loyal dog. It is no wonder that everyone loves them. They also have the sense of smell, so they can be such an alarm for you and your family members if there is something strange. However, you have to train them so they will know which one is a actual treat and which one is not. Are Mini Goldendoodle dogs easy to train?Fortunately, they are easy to train.

Following NYS guidelines and stringent GANA Goldendoodle Association of North America regulations our breeding parents under go extensive health testing, and we would be happy to share this information with you.

The story that prompted me to send you this email happened yesterday.

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